Tipping Points – Flourish and Collapse in the Circularity of the Geostory

I am a compost-ist, not a posthuman-ist: we are all compost, not posthuman. Donna Haraway, 2015.

The tipping points of climate change are anthropogenic and summon a forecast for an eventual all-species mass extinction. They range from microscopic to macroscopic in scale: from the manipulation of the genetic, internal architectures of living beings to the geological deconstruction of natural landscapes. Organisms are no longer organic.

To avert these tipping points calls for an activation of symbiosis between Earthlings of all species, to end the hyper-branded avant-luxury environment of the Capitalocene and to eradicate all traces of the combusted Anthropocene. This is a new geostory: the Chthulucene re-worlding for a multispecies ecojustice. 

Andreas Ervik (NO) | Joey Holder (UK) | Rachel Pimm with Lori E. Allen (UK) | Jakob Kudsk Steensen (DK)

Curated by Worm/Angela Chan (UK)

Worm is an online platform for art and ecology.