Pure Boar Bristles and Nylon Tufts

With gentle pressure, just bringing a sense of completion all around the hairline

Working now in the nape of the neck

And then moving up the other side

Special attention paid right around the ear

There are a lot of different nerve endings

Very sensitive area

Now that I’ve made full circle around the hairline

I can come in with a little bit deeper pressure

Using broad strokes

On the scalp

-♥ Wow! ASMR Hair Brushing, Head Massage w/ Hair Play, Soft Spoken Whisper, 3d Binaural Relaxation ♥

At what point does impersonal experience assume form, something recognizable?

Pure Boar Bristles and Nylon Tufts is a group exhibition at Podium that brings together the artists Youngjae Lih, Aurora Passero, Ariane Schick, Jesse Stecklow, and Emma Ilija Wyller curated by Alvin Tran.