Richard Alexandersson



‘pod’ is the scratch proof boundary of a virtual mesh object. It is the plastic surface of written language that incubates thought. ‘pod’ is a user customisable, indefinitely recursive identity loop. ‘pod’ is the fossilised shell of your pre-Cambrian ancestry. Traveling at 11186 m/s, pod is a shooting star of solitude, freeing you from the Earth.

‘pod’ is a new video installation by Richard Alexandersson. Here we follow an unknown species of virtual Xenoturbella as it explores a series of computer rendered landscapes – that may or may not present a post-apocalyptic vision, post-human utopia or a time-less simulation in a state of retrograde amnesia – while composing an internal monologue about time, self and responsibility.

Richard Alexandersson works primarily with digital 3D-animation and video installation. Balancing on the line between the sublime and the mundane, the private and the public, and mixing dystopian fiction with utopian reality, his work explores themes related to virtuality, the creative process and the quest for self-realisation. Alexandersson’s recent exhibitions include INCA Seattle; Møre og Romsdal Kunstsenter, Molde; Interstitial, Seattle and Fotogalleriet, Oslo.