Miriam Hansen


It started with a leaf cutting, and a lovely myth of psychoactivity that sparked an instant fascination. “Comfort and Reassurance” stems from an ongoing process of working with plants as a part of art production. Quickly it grew into an obsession, where I compulsively collected offshoots and cuttings from friends, gardens, and even the local Kiwi in Markveien. As more individuals were introduced to the group inhabiting my studio, slowly they started not only dictating the spacial solutions, but also my working method.

The current installation is a continuation of “All maten du åt og tankene i hjernen” (2015), which explored the logic within patterns of thinking, through a combination of living and non-living material.

“Comfort and Reassurance” questions empathy as a factor in producing art, domestication of household plants, and our relation to other beings. I want to relate to them on the same terms as to my friends, and try my best to accommodate their needs. More than needs, actually, the aim is for them to be happy. Everywhere they go, I construct new environments for them, with the aim of giving them what I assume they want.

Miriam Hansen (b.1988, Norway) lives and works in Oslo. She holds a Master from The Academy of Fine Art, Oslo (2015) and completed her Bachelor at the same institution in 2013. Recent exhibitions include Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (2015); Rogaland Kunstsenter Studio 17, Stavanger (2015); Akademirommet, Oslo (2015); Demon’s mouth, Oslo (2014); Oslo Ladegård, Oslo (2014) and Galleri Ryesgade 108b-, Copenhagen (2013).

The project is supported by Arts Council Norway.