Jassem Hindi & Sina Seifee

Jassem el Hindi (b. Saudi Arabia) is French\Palestinian artist and performer based in Norway. He examines the double bind of haunting / hospitality. His work is based on broken dances, broken objects, broken texts, cast in nervousness and necessity. His latest pieces make use of “death poems” – by Etel Adnan, El Malaika, Aase Berg, CA Conrad – in order to generate baroque, cruel, cosmological worlds.

Sina Seifee (b.Tehran) lives and works in Brussels. Structured around a research-intensive and transversal exploration of performative storytelling and image-making, Seifeeā€™s artistic practice looks at how epistemologies and knowledges get shaped. His work has been recognized for its commitment to social dimensions of imagination in the intersection of techno-media and globalism, with emphasis on the heritage of zoology in West Asia.