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△: I always looked at the banana thinking that it’s so much used in art because of its marvellous shape. When you put a banana on its back, it will wiggle back and forth using his pointy ends to balance. I really think it’s a beautiful fruit.

☐: First of all, the banana is not a fruit, it’s a berry. Some would also call it a vegetable because of the banana tree, it only bears fruit once you see. But I would make it simple and call it a berry.

❍: It doesn’t look like a berry.

△: well berry, fruit or vegetable, it is still is a beautiful and strange shape, don’t you think?

❍: I really like the shape of pancakes.

☐: I wouldn’t go as far as beautiful, Strange is a more suitable word for that rather overrated thing.

△: overrated? It’s a thing of inevitable possibility. Imagine for example the banana’s transformation from the brightest green to an eternal black with no way back.


△ ❍ ☐ is a group show by Martina Hodne, Jóhanna Ellen Ríkharðsdóttir and Renate Soleng

Jóhanna Ellen will perform Specialist Drone; a text accompanied by her big toe